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Program Committees
July= Roy Roadifer, BJ Shiipp , Curtis Tyler     
August=  Dick Nolte, John Twiss, Verl Scheibe      
September=  John Carson, Charley Najacht,     
October=  Kathy Scheibe, Marguerite Cullum   
November=  Don Kraus, Mark Naugle   
December= Eli Gonzalez, Karen Kraus ,Tom Nelson 
January=  Dan Hutt, Lynn Kolund,  
February=  Gail Trask, Jim Meyer    
March=  Steve Engelbrecht,, Patti Hauschildt 
April = Rex Jorgensen, Bonnie Ramer, Rick Wheeler 
May =  Mike Chase, Nathan Wiederholt   
June=   Dick Brown,  Terri Cornelison      
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Custer Rotary Club


We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Custer Senior Ctr.
538 Mount Rushmore Road
Custer, SD  57730
United States
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Welcome to our Rotary Club! 

This website is for the use of the membership of Custer Rotary Club, it's leadership, and the public. Please browse the information, suggest additions and changes, or ask questions in "Contact Us". If you login as a member of our club, you can access additional club and club management information.


Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to bring peace and stability to the world by providing water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, economic and community development, peace and conflict prevention/resolution. One of the major commitments is to eradicate polio from the face of the world. Our motto: Service Above Self.  

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Second photo courtesy of Jason Ferguson, Custer Chronicle. 
On hand at the Custer Gold Rush Days , is  Custer Rotary President Jill Kettle leading the float!  On the float passing out candy is Bryleigh Cornelison (Future Rotarian and grandaughter of Terri Cornelison). Assisting with handout, are Rotarians Kathy Scheibe, and Terrie Cornelison, Don Kraus and Karen Kraus.    
 Jadwiga Ziolkowski from Crazy Horse Memorail accepts $500 donation from Custer Rotary Club for the Indian University of North America.  
Chief Henry Standing Bear was a strong, proud and progressive leader who believed that education was instrumental in preserving the culture and living heritage of the American Indian peoples. He was an eloquent writer and learned at an early age that he would be able to advance his ideals much more effectively using the mighty pen. This is evidenced in his invitation to sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski in which Standing Bear communicated that he and his fellow chiefs wanted the world to know that "the Red Man has great heroes also." Once Korczak accepted Standing Bear's invitation he ensured education was an essential part of the mission at Crazy Horse Memorial. The dream that started with Standing Bear's desire was the genesis of what has become an incredible vision and story that remains in a state of becoming.

As with any great dream, Crazy Horse Memorial's education efforts started small. In 1978 the Crazy Horse Memorial scholarship program began with a single college  scholarship of $250. Korczak called it a "modest effort now toward the future, long-range educational goals of Crazy Horse." Today the cumulative total awarded to American Indian students attending colleges or universities in South Dakota exceeds $2 million. Eligible applicants must be: American Indian students who plan to attend, or are attending a South Dakota college, university, vocational-technical school or tribal college. Crazy Horse Memorial does not process scholarship applications and is not involved in the selection process. Funds are distributed to qualifying colleges, universities and technical institutions and recipients are selected by the institutions of higher education. Interested students should contact the financial aid office at their college.

The educational efforts of the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation were furthered in 2010 with the creation of the INDIAN UNIVERSITY OF NORTH AMERICA® . The university summer program, offered in partnership with the University of South Dakota, serves to advance the educational goals of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation by offering accepted students a full semester of college and paid internships at the Memorial. Upon successful completion of the summer program; students will leave the instructional and residential facility at Crazy Horse with up to 12 transferable college credits. In the first six years of its history, 160 students and 26 tribes in 16 states have successfully completed the program. Of the students who have successfully completed the program and matriculated to a variety of colleges and universities around the country, 86% have been American Indian. Worth noting is that the national persistence rate for American Indians enrolled in college lingers around 15%, while annual tracking of the persistence of successful completions of the Summer Program in the first six years reveals an overall college persistence rate of 64% for all students and 59% in particular, for American Indian students. To date, several students who started their college studies at Crazy Horse have earned their college degrees.
Custer High School Scholarship winner of the Custer Rotary Club, Congratulations Mya Schmidt!  Certificate being awarded by Rotarian, and Superintendent Mark Naugle. 
Mark Siemonsma and Marilyn Korsten from Hope Haven International are presented with $1000 donation from the Custer Rotary Club. Hope Haven Intl. manufactures and distributes wheelchairs to people who are unable to afford them.  The Custer Rotary Club along with other clubs in the District contribute to matching grants through The Rotary International Foundation to provide the funds to distribute the wheelchairs. 
Mark gave the club an update on what's happening in Hope Haven's Wheelchair Program.  You can find additional information on their website :
Thanks Mark and Marilyn
Doris Ann Mertz gave the Custer Rotary Club an update on the many changes going on at the Custer County Library. They now have access to 12 Black Hills Libraries that we in Custer can receive books from. They also have a new website:  Give it a try!   
Custer Rotary President Bonnie presenting $500 to Doris Ann Mertz for the Custer County Library. 
Rick March, the Custer County Search and Rescue Coordinator, presented the Custer Rotary Club with an update on the C.C. Search and Rescue. 
One of the projects they are working on is getting a drone, that has infrared capabilities to assist in their searching for any lost persons.  
Custer Rotary Club President, Bonnie Ramer presents a $500 check to the Custer County Search and Rescue. 
Thanks to Rick and all the volunteers that respond and for all the assistance you provide the folks of Custer County, and surrounding area!  
The Custer Rotary Club provides assistance to the Custer Storehouse by helping transport food, and financial support. 
Rotary club president, Bonnie Ramer, presenting a $500 donation to the Custer Storehouse. Thank you ladies for speaking at our weekly club meeting and a special thanks for all you do for our community! 
Linda and Norm Peterson of Rapid City won one of the wheelbarrows full of wine. (They look like they are gonna enjoy it!) Congratulations 
Some of the Custer Rotary members helping out at the Raffle.  It was an enjoyable time despite the wintry weather.  The proceeds of approximately $8000 raised will go toward the many projects the Custer Rotary does each year.  
Marty Mahrt from Operation Black Hills Cabin, gave the Custer Rotary Club some history on how Operation Black Hills Cabin got started, and what it's doing to help veterans with disabilities enjoy a vacation.  Disabled veterans that have spent a tour of duty in the Middle East can send in an application to experience a Black Hills Vacation, knowing that the people who support Operation Black Hills Cabin appreciate their service.  There have been 79 families in the 3 years that it has been going that have been able to enjoy the benefits provided by this great organization.  The Custer Rotary Club donated a check for $500  to Operation Black Hills Cabin.  
For all of the Custer Rotary Members that went to the tour of the jail on Monday 20 Nov. got a "Get out of Jail Free" card..... Just kidding!!  Looks like it was a good tour!  
Jill Kettle, President Elect of Custer Rotary Club, accepts a $1000 donation from the Custer Hospitality Group.  This donation will go toward the many community projects that Custer Rotary Club is involved in. Thank You to the Custer Hospitality Group.  
Jill Kettle, President Elect of the Custer Rotary Club accepts recognition for the Club for being the 2nd highest in the Polio Plus Campaign in District 5610.  
Congratulations Kathy, on her 4th Paul Harris Fellowship.  
The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is one of the highest honors Rotary can bestow upon a person. Recipients are Rotarians and community professionals, in recognition of their outstanding contributions, exemplifying the highest ideal in Rotary in placing “SERVICE ABOVE SELF.” This honor accompanies a donation of $1,000 or more, in the recipient’s name, to Rotary International’s “Annual Program Fund,” which supports Rotary’s world-wide programs. 
Yes! This is a real EMMY!  John Twiss' daughter, Jill won the Emmy, she writes for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The show is an HBO production on Sunday evening. Congratulations Jill!   John was there to see it all happen too!  Of course Linda Anderson, Executive Director for Black Hills Playhouse was our speaker, and she wanted her picture with the real thing too!  Thanks Linda for updating us on another successful year at the Black Hills Playhouse.  we look forward to more of those wonderful plays!  What a great opportunity for young actors and actresses to gain great skills. 
Custer Rotarian and Custer Superintendent Mark Naugle with the third grade class at Custer Elementary School, and Hermosa third grade class, during the dictionary distribution to them.  Each year the Custer Rotary Club donates each pupil in the third grade (at Custer, Hermosa, and home schooled) their own dictionaries to keep and use.  
Ryan Tennyson Commissioner of Raven Football, received a $500 donation from Bonnie Ramer, President of Custer Rotary Club.  The Raven Football Program is not a school supported function.  It is for younger folks (like 1-5th grade) who like tackle football.  The equipment is top notch for safety, and parents are responsible to get the kids to and from games.  The donation is to assist in helping with expenses.  
On the 14th of August we were honored to have Pat Sutliff, Darla Crown along with Janet, and Terri, all from the Rushmore Rotary Club of Rapid City, gave a super presentation about their travels to visit the St Jude School in Tanzania. 
The School of St Jude is a charity-funded school located in the city of Arusha, in the northern Arusha Region of Tanzania. It was started in 2002 by Gemma Sisia, a farm raised gal from Australia.  
The motto is Fighing Poverty through Education.  
The school was started 15 years ago with just a couple of students, there are now over 1800.  All the students are selected from families suffering from poverty.
The team spent time with students, and visited their homes and families.  They enjoyed watching one of the students that the Rushmore club supported graduate from the school.  
They shared the emotional attachment they had for the students.  Ladies, it was a very inspiring presentation!  Thanks Pat, Darla, Janet, and Terri!
For more on St Jude School, please go to 
It's a wonderful example of how people can change the world. As Rotarians, it is good to be a part of that.  
Past President for the last 2 years, Rex Jorgensen is given a commemorative plaque to go with his 2 year gavel plague.  He also received a Paul Harris Fellowship for his 2 years of leadership for the Custer Rotary Club.  Thanks Rex!! We appreciate your service not only to the Club, but to the Community and the YMCA!
Jamie Toennies Executive Director of the Southern Hills United Way gave a great presentation on what the United Way does in the Southern Hills.  They are active in helping many people by providing funds to many of the organizations that assist with the needs of people.  
We also had three visiting Rotarians, Robert, from Hayward, Calif, Sonny, from Mali, Africa, and Ina Winter from Hot Springs Rotary ( our District Governor Nominee). 
Contribution to the Senior Meals Program from Custer Rotary President Rex Jorgensen. He is  presenting a check for $500 to Laura Wickham, site volunteer, along with Monica Whiting site manager.
On behalf of Crazy Horse Memorial, Marguerite Cullum accepts $250 contribution for the Indian University of North America from Custer Rotary President Rex Jorgensen. 

The INDIAN UNIVERSITY OF NORTH AMERICA® began with the Summer Program, which is one piece of the greater vision.

The Summer Program is a partnership between Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation and the University of South Dakota. Applicants that are accepted into the program receive a full tuition scholarship. This summer program offers students the ability to earn transferrable college credits, paid internships and scholarship opportunities.

Summer Program participants have the opportunity to earn:

  • Complete first full semester of college over the summer.
  • College credits earned can be transferred to a college or university of choice for continued study in the fall semester and beyond.
  • Study, live and work at the beautiful Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
  • Participate in numerous educational and cultural activities.
  • Receive a scholarship for summer tuition, books, instructional supplies and a portion of food and lodging.
  • Compete for additional scholarships.
  • Learn habits of success needed for college and for life.
  • Participate in a paid, credit-bearing internship (students also have opportunity to continue working after completion of the program in order to earn extra for the fall semester.)
  • Study with fellow students from across the United States.
  • Be a part of a global and engaging college experience, meet people from around the world.
  • Opportunity to earn back 50 percent of food and lodging costs at the end of the summer through a special incentive program.
Rex Jorgensen accepts $500 donation to Custer YMCA from incoming Custer Rotary President Bonnie Ramer.   
Aug 20, 2018
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Aug 27, 2018
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Ok, another challenge..... if you are reading this, and would like to get $250 added to your journey toward your Paul Harris Fellow, surf this website, (you can't ruin anything, or hurt or change anything) in the process you will become familiar with the site....  (No BIG hint this time, )

As you surf the site, look for the italicized words" 0 Polio Cases after you login as a member (member login), use the "communications" from the menu, and send me an email that you found it. ( and where).....  any questions on how to do this, ask Verl 

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