Custer Rotary Club 

In the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

On the 14th of August we were honored to have Pat Sutliff, Darla Crown along with Janet, and Terri, all from the Rushmore Rotary Club of Rapid City, gave a super presentation about their travels to visit the St Jude School in Tanzania. 
The School of St Jude is a charity-funded school located in the city of Arusha, in the northern Arusha Region of Tanzania. It was started in 2002 by Gemma Sisia, a farm raised gal from Australia.  
The motto is Fighing Poverty through Education.  
The school was started 15 years ago with just a couple of students, there are now over 1800.  All the students are selected from families suffering from poverty.
The team spent time with students, and visited their homes and families.  They enjoyed watching one of the students that the Rushmore club supported graduate from the school.  
They shared the emotional attachment they had for the students.  Ladies, it was a very inspiring presentation!  Thanks Pat, Darla, Janet, and Terri!
For more on St Jude School, please go to 
It's a wonderful example of how people can change the world. As Rotarians, it is good to be a part of that.