Custer Rotary Club 

In the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

Custer County Search and Rescue

Steve Baldwin, head of Custer County Search and Rescue, gave the Custer Rotary Club a review of the history of the Custer County Search and Rescue Dept.  The review included information regarding how many (regular members, and reserves) that assist, what they do, and the training involved. He shared how new technology has drastically improved the response, and how smart phones can assist in locating people, along with how it helps those potentially lost to help themselves.
The S&R receives $4,000 a year from the county but they take $2000 back for insurance.  They get approximately $8,000 from Custer State Park for the work they do in the Park. 
There is a 501 3c formed to create an avenue for those wishing to provide funds and be able to deduct it. It's the Friends of Custer County Search and Rescue.  It provides funds for training and equipment needed. 
There will be a poker run on Labor Day weekend as a fund raiser, there will also be a feed on 15th of November as a fund raiser. In addition the Custer Rotary Club donated $500 toward a fund for a UTV for the Rescue.  The UTV fund has received a grant from First Interstate Community Fund for $10,000 of which $5000 of that will need to be matched, so far there is only $1500 left to be matched. With the Rotary donation, it will leave only $1000 left to be matched to receive the second $5000 from the First Interstate Community Fund.